Green Spaces Survey

YOUR COMMENTS NEEDED TO PROTECT GREEN SPACE. The Neighbourhood Plan group is collecting evidence to support the designation of Sandpit Drove and the interlinked areas of green space leading south from the Horsefield through Longmeadow to the Community Orchard and Edna’s Wood. Anyone who uses these areas, however often, is invited to fill in one of these short survey forms. Please either print off and put through the letter box at 3 Broadway or 55 Main Street, or email the completed form (or just your answers to the questions) to the Parish Council at

south of main street survey form.docx

sandpit drove survey form.docx

February 2018 Survey Results

Witchford Parish Council is pleased to announce the results of the second Neighbourhood Plan questionnaire held during February 2018.

There were 410 completed questionnaires, a response rate of approximately 40%. Of these, 224 were hard copy and 186 online. The key themes arising from the questionnaire are: strong support for the green spaces and rural aspect of Witchford to be protected, support for employment opportunities local to Witchford including encouraging home working, strong support for a wide housing mix in new any development, strong support for infrastructure and other physical measures to make travelling within Witchford easier and safer, and strong support for increased facilities for the community, over a range of ages.

Other comments (which do not all ideally fit within the Neighbourhood Plan process) include the need for infrastructure to be put in place before new housing development was built, problems with existing traffic volume and concerns of the effect on new housing development on traffic levels both within Witchford and the wider locality, the need for a GP facility in Witchford and the need for a more regular bus service through Witchford.

The full results of all the survey questions can be read here:

Feb 2018 second survey results.pdf

second survey comments.pdf

November 2016 Survey Results

Witchford Parish Council is pleased to announce the results of a recent survey of the villagers to assess what they like and dislike about Witchford and how they would like to see it develop in the future. This is part of the evidence gathering process for Witchford Parish Council’s Neighbourhood Plan, which will support East Cambridgeshire District Council’s Local Plan for the whole area.

The results of the survey indicate that above all villagers value Witchford’s community spirit, the relative peace and quiet and open spaces, but all of these are believed to be under pressure with increasing housing development.

Most think there is too much traffic through the village which will be exacerbated by the proposed new housing. Most would like public transport to be improved and believe there is a need for a doctors’ surgery. The post office is very much appreciated by villagers but they would like it to be larger and would also like a wider range of shops in the village.

Other concerns include poor parking, the need for improved infrastructure which is already under pressure and the negative effect of speeding traffic. Many commented on the village being used as a rat run by commuters.

Chairman of the Council Mr Howard Palmer says ‘We are delighted that the villagers are taking such an interest in the future of Witchford and I would like to thank all those who took the time to contribute to the survey, in particular all the volunteers, especially Sue Baker for many hours spent compiling the results. We welcome further comments and offers of help from villagers with the Neighbourhood Plan process. We hope that the concerns raised by villagers will be addressed as we work with the County and District Councils to develop Witchford into a thriving village for people to continue to enjoy a peaceful rural existence’.

A report on the results is here

Report on Witchford Village Survey Nov 2016.pdf