If you would like to know how much carbon your household is producing, the World Wide Fund for Nature carbon calculator can help you find out.  It will also provide you with tips for reducing your carbon emissions.

  1. Run the WWF Calculator at  https://footprint.wwf.org.uk
  2. Make a note of the total carbon footprint of your household as well as the percentage breakdown provided by the WWF Calculator for Travel, Stuff, Food and Home.

You can leave it at that …… OR ….. If you are up for the challenge of reducing Witchford’s carbon footprint, please follow the steps outlined below.  Participation is entirely voluntary but we hope that this exercise will help to engage the village in finding out more about climate change and what we can all do to help fix it.

1.Decide upon a name/codename for your household.  

2.Submit your results via the Witchford Household Carbon Footprint form that you can find by following this link: Witchford Household Carbon Footprint

3.Submit your data as many times as you wish to see how your carbon footprint varies (hopefully reduces!) over time. 

The results of all participating households can be seen via this link.

Carbon footprint summary

This information will help to inform the Parish Council about the general progress being made towards addressing the Climate Emergency. 

No personal data is collected nor stored through the process of using this form.  Your household’s carbon footprint data will be stored against the name/codeword that you choose to use to identify your household and the date on which you submitted your data.