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Climate Change Neighbourhood Plan questionnaire

The Parish Council wants your views on how you think we, the Witchford community, could try to tackle the climate change locally. Please complete this survey to give us your views. All responses will be considered in our Climate Change review of the Witchford Neighbourhood Plan (more details below)


Please complete this survey by 31st January 2023.

Climate change Neighbourhood Plan survey

Background information

In 2021 the Parish Council adopted a Climate Change Action Plan with the aim of becoming a carbon-neutral parish by 2030. One way of working towards this is to make climate-change a more important part of the local planning system.

The record-breaking temperatures during the Summer of 2022 have brought home the need to act quickly to address climate change.

The Witchford Neighbourhood Plan https://www.eastcambs.gov.uk/local-development-framework/witchford-neighbourhood-plan  was adopted in May 2020 and is now used by East Cambs District Council for determining planning applications in Witchford parish. However, it does not address climate change directly. The Parish Council has agreed to update the Neighbourhood Plan to introduce climate change measures into the Plan, to make it a positive tool for tackling the climate emergency in the village. The Parish Council is now undertaking a Single-Issue Review of the Neighbourhood Plan – that is looking at only one theme (climate change) and not reviewing the Plan as a whole.